Marc De Cock is the grandson of Charles and the son of Jozef De Cock. From these men he inherited a talent not only for business, but for pigeon racing too.

At a very young age, Marc was given a small dovecot with eight young pigeons. The passion that then sparked in the young boy has resulted, many years later, in a pigeon ranch that is world-famous for its clever care and the stunning results.

Hardly 44 years old, a junior in the pigeon sport, he already displays very extensive experience within the field of his passion for pigeons. Perhaps this is also the reason why he, just like his grandfather did, passes this passion on within his own family, thus turning his sport into a true family sport.


Apart from being a successful pigeon fancier, Marc De Cock owns a meat production company, Cock’s Meatproducts.

Together with his brother Philippe he has built a company with 250 employees. The same pursuit of perfection that makes him a successful pigeon racer, helped him to create one of Belgian’s leading meat companies.

Since 2003 they launched a new brand for the consumer market, Cock’s Fresh. A high-range quality product, which is more expensive then regular meat products for consumers. Nevertheless, this quickly became a success story too, proving that top quality really is the only secret ingredient for success.


The obsession for perfection and ultimate class.

Marc De Cock only has eyes for one thing: to aim for perfection. Whether it’s about managing a company, launching a new product or racing with pigeon, the sky is the limit. If you’re not the best, you should work harder.

Often, the question is asked how he can combine pigeon racing with managing his company. The answer is as simple as it is revealing: pure passion and the irresistible urge to be nothing less than the very best. The road to the absolute top is paved solely with top quality. Just like his company, he has systematically developed his pigeon ranch to become one of the strongest colonies in the world…


Introduction pigeon loft Marc De Cock: check out the interior of his "pigeon farm" in Temse.
Vizita Marc De Cock!  Pigeons Romania:


The passionate founder of the farm, Marc De Cock, is in love with race pigeons ever since he was born. Well, he inherited this love from his ancestors.

With his grandfather and later with his father, he attended to every exhibition and auction. He quickly managed to build up a fine and successful collection of racing pigeons.

In 1987 this passion grows into a bigger project. Marc builds a modern and luxurious complex with excellent facilities for pigeons. His talents were obvious right from the start and he became one of the leading Belgian pigeon fanciers.

As of 1992, a long series of winning results started with two big successes: Marc De Cock won the 4th national prize of Brive (700km with 21,012 pigeons participating) and 1st provincial winner in the Province of Antwerp and East-Flanders.

the farm today

In 2011, Marc built a brand new palace for his pigeons on a large and idyllic estate near the Belgian city of Sint-Niklaas. This luxurious and ultramodern building is located in an open space without trees or obstacles so that the pigeons are highly visible as they dart around or approach from afar.

More than 2,000 pigeons can be housed, trained and cared for over two stores. The ground floor, in addition to offices and workrooms, has a protected zone for top breeding pigeons. The racing pigeons stay on the upper floor in highly optimal conditions as they are prepared for the big day. The birds have access to shower systems and solariums and are fully electronically registered. Flat screens throughout the building show information about their presence in real-time, so that all the necessary data is rapidly available during competitions.

Three full-time trainers ensure that the birds are brought into and kept in the best possible condition, while providing five-star care for these world champions. This unique and heavily protected complex, which includes perimeter security with radar and active infrared and permanently monitored camera surveillance with 16 domes, houses the famous De Rauw-Sablon/Aelbrecht collection together with many other top pigeons, the photos and pedigrees of which you can find on this site.

It should therefore be no surprise that the name and fame of Marc’s Race Pigeon Farm is known all over the world, as is proven by the many visitors from as far away as the Far East. Make an appointment and enjoy the hospitality of Marc and his wife Niq when you visit this unique and magnificent pigeon paradise!

Marc De Cock and his Race Pigeon Farm: the ultimate collection of stars...

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Best results 2015

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Best results 2013

Top 100 national 2012-2015

Top 100 national from the year 2012 till 2015

Top 50 national ZB 2012-2015

Top 50 national ZB 2012-2015

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Top 10 provincial from the year 2012 till 2015

First prizes 2012-2015

First prizes from the year 2012 till 2015

Eddy Leutenez (Belgium)

09/4077203 - "De Zwarte Milan"
Father: 06/4370915 "De grote Milan" (De '65' x Daughter Milan)
Mother: 05/4126349 "Miss Milan" (Milan x Daughter Zwarte Perpignan)
wins f.ex.:
2e      Reg.          Chateauroux I          279 p.    
57e    Nat.           Chateauroux I     18.725 p.    
5e      Reg.          Chateauroux II         391 p.    
62e    Nat.           Chateauroux II     22.718 p.  
8e      Reg.          Bourges I                222 p.  
120e   Nat.Z.A.    Bourges I              4.806 p.
05/4126349 "Miss Milan" is grandmother to "De Libourne": 123rd national Libourne 6.767 p.
09/4077218 - "Alejandro"
father: 08/4347712 "Federer" (Full Brother Limoges x Kim)
Mother: 08/4347741 "Siska" (Son Superbreeder 233 x Daughter Milan)
wins f.ex.:
2e      Reg.         Chateauroux II        391 p.
46e    Nat.          Chateauroux II    22.718 p.
8e      Reg.         Chateauroux I         279 p.
95e    Nat.          Chateauroux I     18.725 p.
3e      Reg.         Bourges II               129 p.
71e    Nat.Z.A.    Bourges II            3.200 p.
11e    Reg.         Argenton ('09)          420 p.
151e  Nat.Z.A.    Argenton ('09)       8.004 p.

09/4077273 - "Goudhaantje"
Full brother 09/4077218 - "Alejandro"
wins f.ex.:
2e      Reg.        Clermont                   420 p.
3e      Reg.        Argenton I                 316 p.
72e    Nat.         Argenton I            19.816 p.
6e      Reg.        Chateauroux II           391 p.
102e  Nat.         Chateauroux II       22.718 p.
8e      Reg.        Blois ('09)                 378 p.
43e    Int.Prov.   Blois ('09)               5.142 p.

A full brother of "Alejandro" & Goudhaantje" wins 94e Nat.Z.A. Bourges II 3.200 p.
08/4347712 "Federer" (Full Brother Limoges x Kim) is father to 25e Int. Prov. Blois 1.701 p.
10/4007833 - "Bolleke 2000"
The grandmother of this female is from Marc De Cock: 03/4411155 "Elisabeth" (Grandmother De Marseille - Aelbrecht M.)
wins so far f.ex.:
2e        Reg.        Bourges        427 p.
219e    Nat.         Bourges    30.742 p.
7e        Reg.        Argenton       436 p.
199e    Nat.         Argenton   22.442 p.
9e        Reg.        Blois            338 p.
39e      Int.Prov.   Blois          3.683 p.
A full brother wins in 2010 298e National Argenton 22.442 p.
A full sister wins in 2010 5e Int. Prov. Tours 3.375 p.

Mr Paul Gevaert (Belgium)

Mr Paul Gevaert - Deinze (Belgium):
Two hens bred from a daughter of the Red National have won the following results:

4281823/06 Oudste cockske
Ablis 1st of 110 pigeons (24/06/06)
Ablis 1st of 178 pigeons (06/05/07)
Ablis 12th of 145 pigeons (15/07/06)
La Souterraine 41st of 874 pigeons (25/08/07)
Tours 59th of 2.791 pigeons (23/06/07)

4281864/06 Zomer Cockske
Orléans 3rd of 1.207 pigeons (02/06/07)
Dudelange 4th of 43 pigeons (21/07/07)
Ablis 16th of 240 pigeons (19/05/07)
Bourges 314th of 3.733 pigeons (28/07/07)

Mr. Ray Yeh (Taiwan)

The pigeon AU 06-AVC-18 bred from the 4196316/03 Super 316 was:
- Best pigeon for middle and long distance
- 2nd place 400 ML World Challenge '06
- His 1/2 sister won the 8th place, 400 ML World Challenge '06

The pigeon AU 07-AVC-17 whose grandfather is 4385441/96 Enkelin Rambo x Pintelon wins:
A day bird in the 2nd round (300 miles) World Ace Challenge Race 2007
Halfsister won 3rd place of the 1st round (200 miles) World Ace Challenge Race 2007

The pigeon AU 07-AVC-21 who's father is the 419316/03 Super 316 won:
Overall 14th place 2007 World Ace Challenge Race
Full brother of AVC-35 who won 14th place in the 2nd round 300 miles and equal 1st 300 miles (4th round) in the 2007 World Ace Challenge Race.

Mr. A Tonks (GB)

Mr. A Tonks from Wednesbury-England bought Marcs Rhonfried bird.  This bird turned out to
be a super star in every way breeding winners and winning thousands himself.
Since then, Mr Tonks is a regular customer and bought several pigeons from Marc De Cock.
Results 2009 from Arnie and Sylve Tonks with Marc De Cock birds

Young Birds 09
GB09P47282 Sire Gb03 R 3111. Dam 03.4196290
Won 2nd Club Swainswick
Gb09P47284 Sire Gb08.Z236247 (Gsire R31111) Dam 07 4116135 Brought this year
Won 4th Club Swainswick

GB09P47285 Ch Cock, Sire 06.4140161 Dam 07 C47334 out of R31111
Won 3rd Club Wincanton
GB09.D.47116 Sire Gb07.29970 Gsire R3111, Dam 08.Z36231 Gdam 06.4140161
Won and Frome, Band 16th 23rd Open MCCFC Sartilly

Dark Hen Gb09T30371 Sire Gb08.A.47524 sire 02/4192392. Dam 07E82207 Gdam 03/4196377
Won 3rd club 24th fed Frome
Ch Cock Gb09.P.47285 Sire Blue 06.4140161. Dam Ch 07.C.47334 Gsire R3111
3rd club Wincanton

Blue Pied GB09.T30364 Sire 02.4192392, Dam 03.419377
3rd Club Wincanton
8th Open Sartilly Gold Ring Race

Dk Cock Gb09.A.48313 Sire 03.R31111 Dam 03.4196296
Won 3rd Club Kingsdown.

Blue Gb09.D.47111 Ggsire 06.414061, Ggdam Gb07.C47334, Ggdam 02 4192392, Ggdam 4196377
Won 4th Club Kingsdown,

Blue cock GB09.F.28041 Sire 04.4269331.Sire 04 426331 Dam GB04.Z.241515
Won 23rd Teurlings Gold Ring Guernsey

Dk Pied Hen 09.Z.18112 Sire 08Z36232 Ggsire R3111, Ggdam 419628. Dam 08.Z.36251 Ggsire 4192392 Ggdam 416377
Won 5th Super club Cherbourg

Old Birds 2009
Young Bird 2008 A 41432 Sire Dk Cock GB03 R£!11. Dam Blue Hen 03 4196290
Winner of 3rd Frome 12th open MCCFC Portland

Dark Hen GB07.T11722 Sire Dk 02.4192392 Dam 03.4196377
Won 2nd club Wincanton, 4th Super Club Wincanton

Dk Hen GB07.Z,23411 Sire 04 4269331. Dam GB04.Z 41915 out of M De Cock
Won 10th S W Sec MNFC Lessay

GB05.Z.33659 Dancing Queen Sire 04.4269331. Dam 04Z41915 out of M De Cock
Won Band 76 open 116 MCCFC Lessay
Band 45 Open 74 MCCFC Saintes

Belg 07.411620 Ch Cock Sire 05.4126337. Dam 05.4126297
45th SW Sec MNFC Alencon
8th open Tours 6th SW Sec MNFC Tours

Blue Ww Hen GB06.A.32442 Sire 02.4192392. Dam 03.419377
Won Band 33rd Open 51st MCCFC Fourgeres
Band 87th Open 60th MCCFC Messac
Band 75th Open 126th MCCFC Saintes

Mr. Techavichian (Thailand)

Mr Teerapol Techavichians pigeon "Miss Jana" whose mother is direct Marc De Cock, direct from Full Try (4126338/05) wins 1st prize from 520 km and is Queen's cup winner.

Mr. Morales (Puerto Rico)

Mr Reno Morales from Puerto Rico sent us the following e-mail:
Hi Marc, just a small note to tell you that 09-BE-4263050 is perfect in every way.  I fly in the island of Puerto Rico and I will let you know how his babies do over water.  It's a hard course.

Yong Chen(陈勇) (China)

Thanks a lot for the supplied information on the 4263081/09.
I got this bird from my friend , at first I paired him with a Jassen hen in 2010 , the 2 of 3 youngsters from this couple  have great results.
One bird get 12 in the 300km race , the other one get 18 in 500km race .
The next year I paired him to a hen from Jos Thoné, one child won the 2nd prize for me in 500km race.  so I want to say the pigeon from Mr Marc De Cock is a great breeder !

Julien Sauvage

Thimeo - BE12-1522857 - 1. + 2. Nat. ace bird LCB 2013
Pigeon bred by Julien Sauvage out of ous son of Eagle Eye - 4323305/10
1st national Ace bird MD LCB 2013
2nd ace bird yearlings LCB 2013
1st Chateauroux 2013 - 222 birds
61st nat.zone - 3.342 birds
1st Argenton 2013 - 440 birds
67th nat.zone - 4.007 birds
1st Bourges 2013 - 130 birds